Should Your Company Be Working With a Freight Forwarding Service?

If you ship internationally or even across certain state lines, it might be good to work with a freight forwarding service. This type of service doesn't necessarily move your freight for you once it crosses a border, but they will arrange for the transport you need when your own trucking company has reached the end of their delivery lines. If you're not sure if you need a freight forwarding service for your transportation, note a few factors to consider.

Organic material

Typically each country and even each state within a country will have their own laws and requirements when it comes to shipping organic material. This can include any type of foodstuffs, plants, and even medicines. If you don't have the right paperwork, shipping container, and other such requirements in place, your cargo could be quarantined. Not only would this delay your shipment until you can fulfill their requirements but you might also be charged a fee for every day your shipment is held. A freight forwarder can note these various requirements for organic material and how they would apply to your shipment and then ensure you have fulfilled all those requirements so your shipment is not seized or delayed.

Extremes in temperature and climate

If you ship to a country that often experiences extremes in temperature or climate or that is very different than your own, you want to know the right type of container and packaging that will protect your materials. You may not know how to best keep out humidity, insects, and damaging heat or cold when it comes to shipping to another country, but a freight forwarder can advise you in this area. They can note the climate or extremes in temperature you might expect with your destination country and how to protect your materials in particular so nothing is damaged after it arrives.

Fluctuations in price

If you notice that your shipping costs seem to fluctuate rapidly and quite often, you might want to work with a freight forwarder. These fluctuations are often due to changes in the price of fuel in other countries, tariffs that have been put into place, seasonal slowdowns, and the like. A freight forwarder will usually be very familiar with the factors that cause these fluctuations in price and can advise you on what to expect, when to expect it, and how to plan ahead to avoid as many cost increases as possible. This can help you to better budget your transportation costs and even save money on those costs where possible.